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Raw materials

As specialists in sustainable design, we develop our own innovative bio-based raw materials, which we subsequently transform into high-end design products, such as tableware for meal services. We use bio-based raw materials that have been created from agricultural waste derived from potato’s and corn. All of the raw materials that we use are highly recyclable, making them perfectly suited for the circular economy. The innovative properties of our raw material ensure our products have a high temperature resistance, making them dishwasher, microwave and even oven proof.

Designed and made in The Netherlands

We design and produce locally in The Netherlands for many sectors across Europe by re-thinking how products and systems can be improved for you, and always with the environment in mind. By consulting experts and the latest research, we develop contemporary products for generations to come.

Tailor-made for you

Do you want an exclusive bespoke product? Let us transform your ideas into reality. We are happy to create together with you! Our innovative products and circular supply chain solutions are a perfect match for food distribution in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other large- to medium-scale facilities.

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